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Bicepital Tendonitis

Oliver, a draft mix, presented with pain, tenderness of L shoulder with atrophy, lameness on L fore, was treated for 10 sessions with US, LASER, ice massage, stretching to forelimb muscles, over a 6 week period. Accompanied by gradual increased outdoor turnout and hand walking, along with veterinary medicine and corrective shoeing. Pain free and frolicking today.

Bicepital Tendonitis before.


Bicepital Tendonitis after.



"After a prolonged lameness issue my beloved "Oliver" was diagnosed with severe left Bicepital bursitis. He received a chronic , guarded prognosis. Being fairly new to horses, I panicked. I wanted to do whatever was best for Oliver but didn’t know what else I could do to further his chances of a speedy recovery. I called Equine Rehabilitation Services and Jennifer Brooks PT came to the rescue.

Jenn brought tons of information (pictures, books, etc.) and explained the injury as well as treatments we could do for Oliver. She set up a program for Oliver and made sure I was comfortable and understood everything that was being done. She gave me things to do for Oliver in between treatments and would often call to see if i had any questions and make sure i was doing them!! She sent my vet progress reports so that he could also monitor Oliver’s progress. Jenn is extremely professional and i would recommend her to anyone in need of equine rehabilitation services. Today Oliver is back to his old self and totally sound. Thanks Jenn!!!!!!!"

Sharon Re
Mossy Creek Stables

Cellulitis: Prevention of Lymphangitis?

TB with cellulites* secondary to aggressive thrush infection. Presented with significant swelling and open wounds of L lower fore limb. Treatment of daily wound cleaning & Neosporin application, bandaging with compressive wrap, regular turn out. After several weeks, wounds were healed, swelling much reduced, and back to work.


Photo of how severe lymphangitis can get.

Cellulitis after.

Photo of TB gelding after treatment of cellulitis which prevented development of lymphangitis.

*NOTE: Cellulitis is a infectious disease process of soft tissues. If left long standing it can easily develop into Lymphangitis which becomes chronic stasis of lymphatic fluids causing a cycle of infection and dysfunction of limb. It is much harder to cure.

Healing Wounds Over Carpi (Knees)

Hanoverian Dressage horse landed on knees on gravel surface, removing full layers of skin and connective tissues down to joint capsule of carpi. Healing of wounds started to slow after 6 weeks. Therefore PT treatment was requested to stimulate further healing process. Treatment of US, LASER, soft tissue mobilization, Range of Motion exercises 2-3 times a week for 6 weeks, with daily exercise of walk trot and canter under saddle. Pristine wound care with bandaging was carried out by owner. Wounds healed, horse went on to success at winter Florida circuit competitions.

Knee before care.

Knee Before

Healing Wounds Over Carpi (Knees)

Knee After

Sweeny/ Suprascapular Nerve Injury

Example of muscle atrophy on draft mix gelding.

Draft mix gelding got injured in field accident. Presented with paralysis of L forelimb and shoulder injury. Significant atrophy of the horses shoulder scapular muscles. PT was called in 8 weeks post injury** for trial of Electrical Stimulation treatment to L shoulder muscle complex. Owner was diligent with daily 45 minute treatments for 4-6 weeks, but unfortunately minimal success was achieved.

**NOTE: compression nerve injuries often have severe paralysis and outcomes. Therefore they require immediate intervention (within the first several days) therapeutic interventions and sometimes surgery to relieve pressure on the healing nerve, in attempts to delay shoulder muscle atrophy secondary to paralysis. Sometimes peripheral nerves do regenerate, that is why immediate attention of nerve injuries is critical, so that muscle function can be preserved for return to normal function after the nerve regenerates.


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