How To Contact Equine Rehabilitation Services

Who in this picture could benefit most from PT?

Who in this picture could benefit most from PT?

Many times, we as horse owners, have many questions about our horse’s health. If you are considering if PT can help your horse, please consider contacting Horse 'n Hound PT .

No question is silly.

How to get Physical Therapy for Your Horse

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  1. It is best to start with a visit from your veterinarian. You and your vet know your horse best. The veterinarian will do a health and lameness evaluation depending on the problem your horse is experiencing. Equine PT is a relatively new field, so you might have to ask and educate your vet regarding PT services (refer them to this website!)
  2. Request that a written referral is signed. A written referral is mandated by law in New Hampshire and Massachusetts prior to my evaluating and treating your horse. It will help if you download the vet referral form from this web site to have available for the vet to sign at the time of the visit. If there is hesitation on the part of your vet, I am happy to call, contact or visit with them at any time. Just let me know.
  3. Call or email Horse n' Hound and we can set up an appointment.
  4. Before I arrive, please print and fill out the contact, history and consent forms off of this site. This will help expedite the time spent when I get to your horse to start evaluation and treatment. I will want to review your horse’s history with you when I arrive. This helps me to get a good understanding and chronology of what has been going on with your horse.

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