At Myhre Clinic - Feb '10

Finding Jennifer Brooks was the best thing that happened for my mule and me. My mule's lameness was initially a bit of a mystery. Though my mule was

examined by a number of very experienced vets. Jennifer did a better job then anyone with examining my mule thoroughly, asking a lot of questions, not missing any signs or symptoms of my mule's lameness and putting all this information together to come to the most likely conclusion of a soft tissue injury of the hip/pelvis area.

Jennifer also saved me a lot of money in diagnostic work.

The vets wanted to proceed with the diagnostic work on my mule from his feet and work up. Putting faith in Jennifer's work, I insisted the vets start the diagnostic work on my mule's hips. Jennifer's conclusions and diagnosis proved to be correct through nerve blocking.

Late summer/fall 2010

Jennifer was extremely pleasant to work with. She was professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable. And though not particularly experienced with mules, handled my mule with confidence. She showed me how to do physical therapy with my mule to rehabilitate him. Jennifer is a 3+ hour drive from me so after the initial consultation, further correspondence was mostly through email. Jennifer has always been quick to respond to my emails and to follow up on things.

Now, 9 months after my mule's injury, after following Jennifer's physical therapy protocol, he is doing wonderful. If I had not found Jennifer, I do not believe my mule's outcome would have been so good.

Thank you Jennifer!!!

Cindy Ross, Dec '10


It was a year ago this month (3/4/10) that you first examined Louie. And it was one year ago on 3/23/10 that one of my vets suggested that it would not be unreasonable to put Louie down. Well, so far Louie is doing wonderful. I had him boarded out for 10 weeks were there was an indoor arena to use this winter. We did lots of ground work and plenty of riding and he was 100% sound the whole time. I have him home now and have started conditioning him for distance riding. Still a lot of snow here but we've been riding the beach and on dirt roads. I'm doing quite a lot of trotting with him as well as some cantering and so far he's not taken a single bad step. I'm just so pleased with how he's doing. I don't have much for picture's of him this winter. Other then the one's I took for a silly little "trick your mules mane" contest we did. And this one short video I caught of him being a bad boy on the cross ties at the boarding barn. But, you can see in the video below how good he looks.

Cindy Ross, March '11


The farrier was here yesterday and Louie got all stirred up and feeling silly and got tearing around the paddock like a crazy thing and I just happened to have my camera with me. LOL. He sure was looking pretty darned good running, jumping, spinning, doing sliding stops and roll backs......... He was pretty darn impressive for a mule with malformed hips that I might want to consider putting down....... :-/ I got some good pictures of him and you can see how he's really grown and filled out and just looking great. I rode today for close to 4 hrs. Lots of trotting and some nice canters. So far he's really doing great. He's just such a nice boy.

Cindy Ross, April '11

Update August 2011:

South Maine - August '11

I just got home from an endurance ride. I took both my horse and Louie. I did a 50 mile ride on my horse the first day. Then I did 30 miles a day for 3 days with Louie. 90 miles in 3 days!!!! Louie did great!

South Maine - August '11


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