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Dear Jennifer,

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how thankful I am for having worked with you this past year. My horse, Hudson (a 9 yr old thoroughbred) is doing better today than he has in the 4 years I have owned him! As you might recall, he has had a problem with a loose/sticky stifle since he was 5 years old. Your papers, seminar and long distance consulting have provided a perspective that has guided us in creating long term progress, something that has been elusive for us for a few years. As may recall - we tried everything before putting it all together this year in the context of your program. Since May, we have progressed through Part 1 and Part II of your protocol. There were occasional set-backs - but we are talking about horses right? - it is to be expected. In fact at the start of the summer Hudson's stifle was sticking so badly that my current vet recommended considering cutting the ligament to alleviate the problem. I asked her to give me a month to up our effort with physical therapy and we would reevaluate. We haven't looked back since! We continue to use components of your program in our daily training and the good news is we have returned to work with a trainer doing low level dressage and jumping. I am happy to report that Hudson has been sound (!!!) and the stifle no longer sticks, and only occasionally slips out in work. The mechanical default is still there but is so much more manageable and I believe is causing less irritation/inflammation then before. Thank you again for your work and espeically for your encouragement this past year! Please be sure to keep me on your email list - I am always looking for a good reason to visit NH!

Kind Regards,

Lisa O'Connell, December 1, 2011

Matthews, North Carolina

Hey Jen,

Kim and I really enjoyed the clinic. We liked hearing about the research and background information. The vet, PTA and massage therapists feel you struck a good middle ground too. I think it would be helpful to do a two day clinic. It would give you more time to evaluate and treat the horses. It would give the participants some time to think about what to do with a horse based on what you point out in the evaluation. I think you did a great job setting it up - very organized, good networking with the barn owners and Poulin Feeds.

All the best,

Sarah Schoen, October 18, 2011

Hi Jennifer,

I just want to say thank you for your clinic yesterday. I thought the clinic was excellent - very informative and thorough and reaffirms the good work we are doing out there : ) Your classroom presentation was great - very detailed (which I love). So we can chat later and maybe even talk about doing a clinic in this area but I just wanted to tell you that I was so glad I came yesterday and it was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you and nice job!

Lael Cook , Equine Massage Therapist, Massechuesstts, October 17, 2011

CLINIC: Core Strengthening, Back Dysfunction and Lameness Recovery at the Sport Nature Riding and Recreation Center on Sunday, October 16, 2011.

I hired Jen to help with a suspensory and stifle issue and was very happy with my horse's rehabilitation. The topics Jennifer can speak on and demonstrate would be quite beneficial to your education series. Her depth of knowledge and manner of conveying it are amazing. You won't be disappointed.

Natalie Gorawski, September 2011


Jennifer & Helene


I hope you are enjoying the summer! Helene continues to get better and stronger every week and I can not even begin to thank you enough - the physical therapy program you put together for us was absolutely spot-on what she needed. I wanted you to have a copy of the photo I took of you that day - I really love it and it's such a great reminder to me to ask the questions, seek the expertise beyond the traditional, and always go the extra mile for my horse.

Thank you! Laura, July 2011


Boston before treatment

Kathy Fitzgerald commented on Equine Rehabilitation Services, LLC's facebok status.

Kathy wrote: "Awww, thanks Jennifer! The advice and game plan that I received from you and your clinic 4 weeks ago has ABSOLUTELY been pivotal in Boston's recovery, so I thank YOU! I'm so glad you witnessed and confirmed his amazing progress and I can't wait for you to see him again. And today, even in this dank and miserable weather, he moved out like a champion! You've truly been a blessing to us both..."

May 2011


Boston after treatment

    Testimonals from 2010

  • From a human patient struggling with shoulder and back pain...


      I would like to endorse the utilization of Physical Therapy as a self-help, at-home option in self-care for pain management. I am a person who does not like to take pills. Doctors usually are way too ready with the prescription pad. In addition other physicians are quick to want to cut something. My own belief is once it is cut, it can never heal. I found some relief for my arthritis and muscle and nerve pain with massage therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic. At the very least, the fact that the chiropracter did not treat me as a hysterical ignorant person who should be medicated was an enormous step in the right direction. However, usually within three days of an adjustment my pain would return. I live with my pain every day. Some days when he scanned my back and told me there was nothing to adjust while I was in a lot of pain frustrated me a great deal. In an ideal world, there would not be such competition among professionals. I believe a coordinated approach to total care,that includes aspects of each discipline added to create a complete healing regimen, would benefit everybody.

      Being someone who likes to take care of problems on her own, I eventually was able to try physical therapy exercises. I have the discipline to do them on my own and I am happy to report that the routine Jennifer prescribed for me has helped me help myself. It is easy to remember to work them into my work schedule i.e. sitting at the computer. I can't say enough good stuff about icing injuries either. I watch TV with an ice block between my shirt and skin of my back. Works great.

      Thanks. Rachael Ikins Dec '10


  • Click here to read more about Louie and see his recovery and videos.

      At Myhre Clinic - Feb '10

      Finding Jennifer Brooks was the best thing that happened for my mule and me. My mule's lameness was initially a bit of a mystery. Though my mule was

      examined by a number of very experienced vets. Jennifer did a better job then anyone with examining my mule thoroughly, asking a lot of questions, not missing any signs or symptoms of my mule's lameness and putting all this information together to come to the most likely conclusion of a soft tissue injury of the hip/pelvis area.

      Jennifer also saved me a lot of money in diagnostic work.

      The vets wanted to proceed with the diagnostic work on my mule from his feet and work up. Putting faith in Jennifer's work, I insisted the vets start the diagnostic work on my mule's hips. Jennifer's conclusions and diagnosis proved to be correct through nerve blocking.

      Late summer/fall 2010

      Jennifer was extremely pleasant to work with. She was professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable. And though not particularly experienced with mules, handled my mule with confidence. She showed me how to do physical therapy with my mule to rehabilitate him. Jennifer is a 3+ hour drive from me so after the initial consultation, further correspondence was mostly through email. Jennifer has always been quick to respond to my emails and to follow up on things.

      Now, 9 months after my mule's injury, after following Jennifer's physical therapy protocol, he is doing wonderful. If I had not found Jennifer, I do not believe my mule's outcome would have been so good.

      Thank you Jennifer!!!

      Cindy Ross, Dec '10

      Click here to read more about Louie and see his recovery and videos.

  • From a human patient struggling with shoulder and back pain...

      "I didn’t know what to expect from a physical therapist! I had never had to have the services of one before in spite of being a very active person.

      The compound and complicated injury to my shoulder and knee from a fall had been looked at in person by no less than four surgeons in Boston hospitals and some 20 more Email consultations. Of the four major shoulder surgeons there was only one who said that he would try to help me. I had two surgeries on my shoulder after the initial surgery at the time of the accident. The first was a repair surgery that required 12 screws and a plate that left me with a lot of pain and difficulty in the use of my arm. The second surgery was a failed replacement surgery. The Rotator Cuff muscles did not adhere and had to be removed. One tendon was lost and significant nerve damage happened in the process of the operations. The third surgery was an inverse shoulder replacement that went well and gave me a chance to have the use of my arm again.

      David Wells Spring 2011 Update:
      Back to doing what he loves
      in the Great North Woods,NH

      Needless to say there was a lot of physical therapy. Jennifer Brooks was my major therapist during the whole recovery period, including the knee replacement surgery between the second and third shoulder surgeries.

      The therapy approach that she took at each step of the way was nothing short of fantastic. I knew that she had the credentials, but I didn’t know if she could do anything with the severe damage to my body. It didn’t take long until she had my confidence. She was professional in every sense of the word. I was thankful for her positive attitude that kept me on task and believing that I could make progress and go as far as possible.

      Jennifer was in correspondent communication with my doctors at every step during the long physical therapy treatments. Both of my surgeons were impressed and pleased for me to have such a great therapist.

      I function today better than I ever imagined I would be able to do. I was told by the surgeon that I would never be able to play golf again, the game I love. The day he told me that I could play again surprised me as much as it pleased him to tell me.

      I am whole again with very little debilitation for which I thank God, surgeons and certainly Jennifer Brooks more than I can say."

      David Wells
      New Hampshire
      Nov '10

  • I went through chemotherapy and needed Physical Therapy to help strengthen...

      "Jennifer Brooks I owe my life to. I went through chemotherapy and needed Physical Therapy to help strengthen my body from the terrible side effects of the medications. Jennifer was my inspiration in my greatest time of need. I was treated as a friend and she showed so much caring and compassion during the roughest time in my life, which helped me fight even more to heal myself. I have yet to find a more caring health professional who is not only focused on her work but her knowledge in unmatchable. She will always be a person I am forever in debt to and hope these words will show people that she will put that same effort and compassion with your horse."

      Stephen J. McElwain, Human Patient, Hepatitis Survivor, Sept '10

  • I was really worried about Lacey's stifle problem...

      "I was really worried about Lacey's stifle problem, but you made me feel way more at ease about it. You went into great detail with her exercises and she doing well. I would fully recommend your therapy."

      Betty Ingram

  • Very pleased with Jennifer's knowledge, skill and professionalism....

      "Very pleased with Jennifer's knowledge, skill and professionalism. Bert showed marked improvement under Jennifer's care. Thanks Jen!"

      Tina Brigham

  • I wanted to thank you for your case study on IUFP....

      "I wanted to thank you for your case study on IUFP. I could have sworn it was written about me and my 8 yo Morgan gelding.

      I am in the beginning stages of strengthening his bilateral the stifles. He has some clicking in both. I appreciate you spelling out stretching exercises, and the importance of tacking up before lunge work. That is something I have not done.

      Thank you again!"

      Denise Cimino

  • After a prolonged lameness issue and a week at the Myhre Clinic my beloved "Oliver" was....

      "After a prolonged lameness issue and a week at the Myhre Clinic my beloved "Oliver" was diagnosed with severe left Bicepital bursitis. He received a chronic , guarded prognosis. Being fairly new to horses, I panicked. I wanted to do whatever was best for Oliver but didn’t know what else I could do to further his chances of a speedy recovery. I called Equine Rehabilitation Services and Jennifer Brooks PT came to the rescue.

      Sharon Re's horse Oliver after ERS treatment from Jennifer Brooks, PT

      Jenn brought tons of information (pictures, books, etc.) and explained the injury as well as treatments we could do for Oliver. She set up a program for Oliver and made sure I was comfortable and understood everything that was being done. She gave me things to do for Oliver in between treatments and would often call to see if i had any questions and make sure i was doing them!! She sent my vet progress reports so that he could also monitor Oliver’s progress. Jenn is extremely professional and i would recommend her to anyone in need of equine rehabilitation services. Today Oliver is back to his old self and totally sound. Thanks Jenn!!!!!!!"

      Sharon Re
      Mossy Creek Stables

  • Jennifer Brooks fills a gap in horse care.

      Geronimo doing well at Jennifer's rehab facility

      "Jennifer Brooks fills a gap in horse care. When you need less than the veterinary hospital but more than the usual boarding stable, she can provide the monitoring, care and rehabilitation that your horse needs. Jennifer provides these services in an educated and professional manner while maintaining a sense of humor and optimistic attitude. She maintains an open line of communication with her clients and is always willing to discuss options. As a first time horse owner of a horse with multiple issues, I appreciate her calmness and the great care my horse receives."

      Linda G. Case

  • Jennifer Brooks fills a gap in horse care.

      "Jennifer came see my horse, Zipper, after she dislocated her hip... She is certainly very knowledgeable and knew right away what sort of exercises to show me and told me how to gage my progress in the future. Zipper is on her way to recovery and I can say that Jennifer honestly cares very much about the well-being of your horse!"

      Abigail Scherer-Hoock


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